On April 21, 2017 the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre in St. John’s, NL hosted its third Shave for the Brave.

Staff members Duane and Vanessa not only shaved their heads, but both donated 10 inches of hair in front their coworkers in the hotel’s lobby. Vanessa’s son, Sammy, even got in on the action and Shaved for the first time!

Together, the Shavers raised $375! Big thanks to Vanessa, Sammy, and Duane and the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre!

Mary Queen of Peace Elementary School in St. John’s, NL is gearing up for its fourth Shave for the Brave, and principal Kimberly Leonard just might be more excited than the students!

“You don’t even have to call and ask me if we’re doing Shave for the Brave. Yes we’re doing Shave for the Brave!” she said. “This is one event that brings everybody together. It’s for such a great cause, it teaches children so much about life and helping people, and it just does everything to create school spirit for our school.”

That school spirit has resulted in three successful Shaves for the Brave to date, earning 158 yellow toques and raising almost $60,000.

Ms. Leonard says the school’s enthusiasm comes from a combination of leadership, awareness, and meaning. She and vice principal Kim French demonstrate the energy to pump up the students, they include the Shave in their morning announcements and newsletters, and they make sure to talk about the impact their actions will make on the lives of young adults dealing with cancer in Canada. They also dedicate their Shaves to the memory of a teacher who died from cancer four years ago.

Then, they invite the whole school community to take part.

“It’s for everyone. Anyone can do it from Kindergarten to grade six. We also invite parents. We bring the whole school together,” said Ms. Leonard.

By the time Shave Day rolls around, the building is buzzing with anticipation. Ms. Leonard says the kids are “ecstatic” in their classrooms, and they practically skip to the gym. There is music playing, sometimes there’s a mascot or two for some high fives, and then they call up each Shaver by name to the stage one grade level at a time.

“The day of is something that you need to be part of. It will send goosebumps throughout your whole body,” she said. “When it begins, the whole place goes in an uproar! It’s so amazing to be a part of, and it’s amazing to see.”

After the roar of the razors dies down, Ms. Leonard says students are left with a memorable experience whether they Shaved or not. They will always remember the time they made the decision to get on the stage in front of the entire school to shave their heads or donate at least 10 inches of hair to help fund programs that will change the lives of others—and those in the audience might even be inspired to sign up for the next year!

And the probability is high that they’ll get their chance.

“We’ll continue with it as long as I’m here,” said Ms. Leonard.

Thank you to the Mary Queen of Peace community for your continued support of Shave for the Brave! We can’t wait to see you again on April 27, 2017!


Click here to support the Mary Queen of Peace 2017 Shave for the Brave!


High five, CIBC!

April 18, 2017 by admin

CIBC was on hand at the 2017 St. John’s Community Shave for the Brave!

CIBC has been a proud sponsor of Shave for the Brave since 2013, finding new and creative ways to help young adults deal with cancer from selling chocolate bars to facing the razors, and more!

Wayne Mills, manger at CIBC’s Grand Falls-Windsor branch, says he first heard about Shave for the Brave a couple of years ago when an employee brought up the idea of supporting the Shave; he says he has seen the event become more prominent in the area since.

Donations raised through Shave for the Brave support Young Adult Cancer Canada’s  (YACC) national, local, and digital programs to help young adults cope with the psychosocial effects of cancer. The idea of connecting young adults dealing with cancer to a supportive network fit well within the “community-minded” company.

“You hear of people having cancer and they get healed and life goes on, but hearing the stories and doing the research [on what YACC does], that’s certainly not really the whole story,” Wayne said. “You don’t know what you don’t know. I thought cancer was cancer, I didn’t realize the repercussions after the fact.”

Last year, every CIBC branch in Newfoundland and Labrador was given a fundraising target their Shave for the Brave team wanted them to meet. Wayne collected $500 worth of donated gift cards from local businesses and the branch sold nearly 1,500 tickets for $2 each, or 3 for $5.  The initiative raised $2,300 for Shave for the Brave and helped the Grand Falls-Windsor branch rise to the top of the district.

So they’re doing it again!

“We have twelve on staff here, and when I announced I wanted to sell tickets again as a fundraiser like we did last year, everybody was on board. Nobody had any questions. Sometimes you get that reluctance, but everybody was enthused,” said Wayne.

He hopes to sell all of the tickets this year and raise the branch’s donation to at least $2,800 to “keep up the great work.”

On behalf of all the young adults dealing with cancer, we want to say a big thank you to Wayne and the folks at CIBC for their support. We couldn’t change lives without you.


On April 11, 2017, four players from the Conception Bay Renegades Minor Hockey Association went under the razor to shed some of their hockey hair.

Teammates, family members, and friends gathered in the warm room at the CBS Arena in Conception Bay South to support and cheer on the Shavers.

Oliver Walsh shaved for the very first time, and was super exited to sport his official Shave for the Brave toque. Mason Strong and Luke Ivany also decided to make themselves a little more aerodynamic on the ice by facing the razor.

Peter Quinlan was a classic MANE-iac; he shaved two years ago and hadn’t had a haircut since! Not only did he shave his head, but he also donated 10 inches of hair! Awesome!

Big thanks to Head Hunter Stephanie Walsh for organizing the event, and to volunteer stylist Carolyn for giving these players top notch haircuts! Together the Shavers raised over $2,000!

Paws up for St. Catherine’s Academy!

April 12, 2017 by admin

These awesome folks Shaved for the Brave today and raised over $3,000 to help young adults cope with cancer.

The ladies lead the way with four hair donations and three shaves, while another three guys Shaved.

Amazing work, gang. Big thanks to Ms. Hanlon and everyone at St. Catherine’s Academy.

The razors were buzzing at Carbonear Academy in Carbonear, NL on April 7, 2017 as students, teachers, and parents gathered in the school’s gym for its fourth Shave for the Brave!


YACCer and young adult cancer survivor Susan Ralph kicked off the event by sharing her story and getting high fives from every single Shaver!


Many students wanted to be a part of this extraordinary event; even the school’s mascot Leo the Lion got a “little trim” off the top! Together, the 21 shavers raised over $6,300, and brought the school’s running Shaver total to 119!


Hugh thank you to Byron King, Wanda Lee Roach, Susan Ralph, the amazing volunteer hairstylists, and all the staff and students at Carbonear Academy for making this such a great Shave!


On March 30, 2017 the Marine Institute Student’s Union held their second Shave for the Brave.

Four Shavers took to the stage while the Student Union hosted a fundraising BBQ in support of Young Adult Cancer Canada. Together, the Shavers and donations collected by the student union raised $780!

Big thanks to Christian and the Student Union, as well as hairstylist Marlo Hogan from Keyin School of Hair Design for volunteering her time.


On Saturday, March 25, 2017 Solo Shaver Kristina Squires went under the razor in support of young adults dealing with cancer.

Originally, Kristina had registered for the St. John’s Community Shave at the Avalon Mall, but with the abundance of support and generosity form her colleagues at Bidgood’s Supermarket in Goulds, NL, she decided to shave at her workplace and share the moment with her friends, coworkers, and supporters.

Within the supermarket is Roger’s Barber Shop, and Kristina was lucky enough to have her head shaved by the owner of the barbershop, Roger. Kristina  raised over $1,700 for Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) and had amazing things to say about her experience:

“Saturday was a day I’ll never forget; there aren’t enough words to describe it! Lots of tears, and of course lots of laughter, the response has been unbelievable! If I had to do it again tomorrow, I would do it in a heartbeat,” she said.

Huge thank you to Kristina, Bidgood’s Supermarket, and Roger’s Barber Shop for all the support!

Solo Shaves can happen any time and anywhere. You can make your solo shave an unforgettable and powerful experience. Click here to register for a Solo Shave!


The Mount Pearl Blades were back for their fourth Shave for the Brave on March 26, 2017. Ten Shavers raised $1,863 in support of young adults dealing with cancer, bringing the Blades’ four year total to $22,015!

The group was comprised of everyone from rookies to 11-Shave veterans like 20-year-old Ben Davis. Novice buddies Jaxon, Fox, and Preston were on board, along with Brady, Sam, and Liam from the A&W team.

Todd and Lucas shed their hockey locks for the first time, while Justin popped in for his fifth Shave just before he hit the ice.

Huge shout out and big thanks to Head Hunter Heather Chafe for organizing this event, and to Trevor Murphy for your tremendous support.

Special thanks to volunteer hair stylists, Terry Cabot and Bryanna Fleet, from Keyin College.

New and veteran Shavers took over Gap Court at the Avalon Mall on March 25, 2017 for a total of 97 freshly Shaved heads and over $44,000 raised in support of Young Adult Cancer Canada!


The original “Shave Lady,” Renee Bennett, came back as our MC — and ROCKED it!


Barb Stansbury (left) was first in line this year for her 11th Shave in ten years. Judy Williams (right) was behind her. They hadn’t met before, but shared this awesome moment together in the barbershop!


Snook has signed up to Shave later in May!


Evan Byrne Shaved for the fourth time — and smashed his goal of raising $400 to break a running fundraising total of $1,000!

On his online fundraising page, he said, “This will be my fourth shave. I did my first one when I was in Kindergarten. I didn’t know much about cancer, and I still don’t. What I do know is that it makes people sad. I hate cancer, but I love knowing that shaving my head can make a difference for people.”


Thank you to CIBC for their continued support!


April Watson kicked off her birthday celebrations by Shaving for the sixth time! She raised over $400, and will keep her head Shaved for four months for each hundred raised.


Christian Legge Shaved every year for nine years, but took 2016 off to grow his hair long enough to be donated. He was back on Saturday for his 10th Shave, and has a running fundraising total of over $74,000 over the last 11 years!

The St. John’s Community Shave for the Brave wouldn’t be possible without the help of many volunteers helping with registration, taking photos, shaving heads, and so much more! Huge thank you to Sharon Woodford and the volunteer hair stylists from Woodford Training Centre for keeping the barbershop running smoothly!

Huge thank yous to the Shavers, their donors and supporters, our sponsors and volunteers, and everyone who stopped by!

Visit the Shave for the Brave Facebook page for more photos!

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