There are a few days to go until we turn the Avalon Mall’s Gap Court into the biggest barbershop in St. John’s on March 25, 2017! That’s loads of time to sign up and start fundraising!

Did you ever hear about Danny Wadden? He signed up five days before and raised over $5,000! We don’t expect you to hit that goal — though it would be awesome if you did! — but even a $25 registration fee goes a long way. For example, $25 would buy a meal for a young adult cancer survivor or supporter at one of our four-day programs, like Survivor Conference!

Speaking of Survivor Conference, we currently have more applications from young adults looking to connect with a supportive community than we have budget and space to accept. When more people participate in Shave for the Brave, we’re able to bring more people into the YACC fold — instant gratification!

We hope to see you at the mall!

Rennie’s River Elementary in St. John’s, NL held its first Shave for the Brave on March 16, 2017, and it was one they — and YACC HQ — won’t soon forget!

Co-Head Hunter Mme. Lisa Browne Peters says Rennie’s River Elementary decided it was time to Shave because the school recognizes the value of the support network Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) provides to young adults who are living with cancer.

“This is my first year teaching at Rennie’s River Elementary and I felt certain that the community here would embrace the idea of holding a Shave for the Brave. I discussed the opportunity with our school administrators (Principal Allison Chafe and Assistant Principal Lorna Walters), and they were extremely receptive to holding the event. I then presented the idea to our school council and unanimous, enthusiastic consent was given,” she said.

Ms. Walters spearheaded Shaves for the Brave at other schools and wanted to help the students at Rennie’s River Elementary understand the importance and relevance of the activity. Mme. Brown Peters says Ms. Walters made regular announcements on the P.A. in the mornings, and visited every classroom to teach students a little about the work of YACC.

“This provided the opportunity for teachers to chat further with their students about the challenges that people with cancer face and the value of the organization’s work. Children possess an innate desire to help others, so it was very powerful to discuss how we could come together as a school community to make a difference to people whose lives have been affected by cancer,” she said.

The event started off on a great note when students Grace and Emma, and friend of the school Cassandra, took the stage in the empty gym to prep their ponytails. We got to chat a little about how they felt and why they signed up on a level we don’t always get at a rowdy School Shave.

Then the audience started to arrive, and we knew we were in for a treat. Nearly everyone from the first group came in with a handmade sign to pump up their Shaver classmates. They weren’t the only ones, and the gym quickly rivaled the scene at a One Direction concert! Little did we know, that was only a sneak peek!

After a quick intro, the Shavers-to-be lined up on the side of the stage. The majority were first-time Shavers, and they were excited to take a seat in front of one of our five volunteer hairstylists for the most powerful haircuts they’ve ever had!

An extra shot of energy came near the end as Mr. Sharpe took a seat. Up until then, the students had politely cheered from their seats, but once Mr. Sharpe sat down, they rushed the stage and created a multi-minute mini mosh pit, shouting “Mr. Sharpe! Mr. Sharpe!” (Click here for a snippet!). It was unlike anything we’ve seen for a long time. The phys. ed. teacher told his girls’ basketball team he would Shave for the Brave if they helped him raise over $500; for $750, they could control the clippers! They nailed it, and did a great job on his hair to boot!

“The Rennie’s River Elementary community is very caring and supportive. There is a wonderful sense of inclusiveness at our school and people enjoy coming together to work towards common goals. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm and commitment displayed by the students, staff, and parents. Raising almost $6,500 at our first ever Shave event was absolutely incredible,” Mme. Browne Peters said. “I think every child came away from the event with a much deeper understanding of how important it is to come together and lend support.”

Thank you to the Shavers, their parents, and their supporters for making this event such a great success, and to Ms. Walters, Ms. Chafe, and Mme. Browne Peters for inviting Shave for the Brave into Rennie’s River Elementary!

We also have to say big thank yous to hair stylists Cassi, Kelsey, Kalyn, Bryanna, and Michelle who volunteered their time to do the shaving!

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Tips for managing volunteer stylists

March 13, 2017 by admin

By Alicia Quann, fund development manager

Hey Head Hunters! We literally could not Shave for the Brave without the help of volunteer hair stylists across the country! Here are some tips to book your stylists to make sure your Shave for the Brave is safe and speedy!

1. Start early! In my experience, the earlier you ask a stylist to volunteer for your Shave for the Brave, the more likely their schedule won’t be booked up yet. Don’t wait until the last minute.

2. Give them information about Shave for the Brave and Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC). If stylists don’t have an understanding of what exactly Shave for the Brave is or what YACC does, they may be a little hesitate to volunteer their time.

3. Send a stylist request letter. Don’t have time to write one up? No problem; send me an email at or give me a shout, and I’ll send a letter to use!

4. Ask around! Perhaps your Shavers, employees, or students are related to a hairstylist, or have a great relationship with their regular stylist who would come out.

Page 8 in your Head Hunter manual has more information about stylists, and make sure to refer to your stylist instructions in your Shave-In-A-box, these instructions are super important for ensuring stylists and volunteers are safe and use proper techniques on Shave Day.

Before you wrap up your event, thank your volunteer stylists! The few minutes they spend shaving someone’s head is directly related to the donations that make YACC’s web-based and face-to-face life-changing support programs possible.

Do you have any other tips we should add? Email me at!

By Alicia Quann, fund development manager

Fundraising as a group or school can not only increase the your overall fundraising efforts, but might also increase participation in the Shave event, raise awareness, and involve other students who may not be Shaving! I have compiled a list of some of my favorite fundraising ideas:

1. Hold a bake sale! Not only will this get students involved and excited about the Shave, but it will also get the parents and teachers involved, too! Bake sales are a great way for students to help out and volunteer.

2. It won’t be long until the Shavers will have no hair, so why not host a crazy hair or silly hat day?! Participants donate a loonie or toonie to participate, and the collected coins contribute to the event’s total.

3. Want another way to get the staff involved? Why not give a whole new meaning to casual friday by having staff make a donations to wear jeans to work?

4. Putting a fundraising bounty on someone’s head goes a long way! If your Shave team has a dynamic personality, someone with an incredible head of hair, or two people who would like to challenge each other, set parameters around the total! Sometimes the person agrees to Shave only if the bounty is met (this one works great with principals and team leaders!), sometimes they’ll dye their hair an unusual colour for a period of time or sport an unflattering hair cut — get creative!

5. Speaking of creativity — ask your Shavers to come up with some ideas, or even form a fundraising committee! The more involved the students, staff, teammates, etc. are with planning and fundraising, the more successful your Shave will be! Remember, a successful Shave means more funding for life-changing support programs for young adults dealing with cancer, like Megan!

Which fundraising activities have worked well for you? Email if you have some brilliant ideas we can share!

On Saturday March 4, 2017, the Northeast Eagles Minor Hockey Association hosted the first Hockey NL Shave event of the season!

The event was held in the warm room at the Jack Byrne Arena. Players, coaches, parents, and friends gathered to cheer on the 11 Shavers.

The Eagles’ previous Shaves for the Brave consisted of mainly players and their friends, but this year, a coach and two “hockey dads” decided to jump in on the action and earn yellow toques themselves! Together, the Northeast Eagles community raised $880! Huge high fives and thank yous all around!

Big thanks to Head Hunter Kelly Knee for putting the day together and bringing along a sweet treat for the Shavers, and to hair stylists Joy Short and Glenda Tobin who volunteered their time to help out!

Students at Leary’s Brook Junior High in St. John’s, NL kicked off the first Friday of March by hosting a roaring Shave for the Brave! Pupils, teachers, and parents gathered to support four students who went under the razor for the schools fourth Shave today.

Principal and Head Hunter Elizabeth Ares MC’d the event and did a great job revving up the crowd! With all the excitement in the air, they kept on cheering for the Shavers as their long locks hit the floor.

Together, all four shavers raised over $2,200! Big thanks to stylist Joy Short who volunteered her time and awesome skills!

St. John’s, NL – Liberal MP for St. John’s East Nick Whalen will “get his head into it” when he Shaves for the Brave in support of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) on Friday.

Whalen first hinted at signing up back in December with a simple tweet asking if Geoff Eaton, YACC’s executive director, could help him with a haircut. His typically closely-cropped curls have grown out of control since then, and Whalen sees this as the perfect time to get the ball rolling with the first of two Shaves he has planned this spring.

“I am ready to get the most powerful haircut of my life! Shave for the Brave has become a staple on the charitable calendar over the last decade, and it’s time for me to get involved,” he said. “An estimated 8,300 Canadians in their late teens, 20s, and 30s are diagnosed with cancer each year, while another fifty to one-hundred-thousand live with, through, and beyond the disease. When you donate to my Shave, you are funding support-based local, national, and digital programs which empower young adults as they get their lives on track after cancer.”

Whalen will earn a bright-yellow Shave for the Brave toque that will get some attention as he sports it over the next few months while continuing to promote a second Shave in May.

In addition to being a big, bald grand gesture to show his support for young adults dealing with cancer, Whalen’s Shave will serve as a sort of kick off for the 2017 “Shave Season” which will soon take over the Metro region for the 12th year. Engaged citizens in schools, offices, salons, hockey arenas, and more shave their heads or donate at least 10 inches of hair, which is donated to make wigs for those dealing with hair loss issues. The largest event is expected to be the St. John’s Community Shave at the Avalon Mall on March 25.

Visit to donate in support of Whalen’s Shave(s), or to learn more about getting involved!

Date: March 3, 2017
Time: 12-1 p.m. The razor will roar around 12:30
Where: Avalon Mall, Centre Court



The Baccalieu Lions Club hosted its fifth Shave for the Brave during winter carnival on February 26, 2017. The Shave  was one like no other — there was live music and entertainment and one musician from a local group got on the stage and vowed he would shave his head if he could get $50 in donations on the spot! He ended up raising $200 in five minutes!

The event added six Shavers and over $1,750 to our 2017 totals so far!

Big thanks to the Head Hunter, Brandon Oliver, for the continued support and enthusiasm, and to the volunteer stylist who gave these Shavers the most powerful haircuts of their lives!

6 ways to ramp up School Shave excitement

February 27, 2017 by admin

By Alicia Quann, fund development manager

Here’s one for all the School Shave Head Hunters out there! Are you finding it difficult to recruit Shavers and get students excited for your Shave? No doubt once Shave Day is upon you, students will feel the energy and want to participate, but as a Head Hunter, I know you want to plan ahead and be as organized as possible for the big day. Here are some tips and tricks to get Shavers committed and interested in Shave for the Brave:

1. Send letters home to parents with FAQs about Shave for the Brave. I can prepare a document for you if you don’t have your own, or don’t have the time to create one yourself. Just let me know and I can send one your way!

2. Get those teasers and event posters up! In your Shave-In-A-Box, you should have received teaser and/or event posters to display around the school. These are a great way to let students know Shave for the Brave is coming.

3. Announce, announce, announce! If possible, schedule Shave for the Brave announcement weekly or daily during your school announcements. You can promote the Shave by highlighting outstanding fundraising events or activities, announcing new Shavers as they sign up, updating the school on their fundraising goal, or giving any other “Shave News” you might have. This will keep the Shave top of mind for students and will definitely generate some excitement and involvement within the school.

4. Gather a committee of student Head Hunters to assist you! Your student council is a great place to start!

5. Wear your Head Hunter t-shirt on Fridays to promote the Shave!

6. Make classroom visits. If possible, take the time to visit each classroom and explain what Shave for the Brave and YACC are all about. You could even show students the ”Get Your Head Into the Shave” video!

Shave for the Brave is such an exciting and inclusive event for schools to host, and I love seeing all the shavers and hearing stories about why they decided to Shave for the Brave! If you have any other tips and tricks to recruit shavers for events, please send them my way!

By Alicia Quann, fund development manager

Did you know that a “Shave” is considered shaving your head bald OR cutting and donating at least 10 inches of hair? We get a lot of questions here at YACC HQ about the guidelines for donating hair and where the hair goes once the Shave is over, so whether you are shaving or donating at least 10 inches of hair, here is everything you need to know for the pregame:

  1. Hair being donated for wigs must be at least 10 inches long.
  2. Hair should be either braided or in a ponytail, secured at both ends.

TIP: Stylists are able to get more hair for wigs if there are multiple braids or ponytails instead of just one secured at the  back of the head.

  1. We can accept highlighted or colour-treated hair, or even hair from previous chemotherapy patients!
  2. Wigs can’t be made out of permed, bleached, chemically straightened, or dread-locked hair.
  3. If you’re Shaving at a smaller event or at a Solo Shave, once the braids or ponytail are cut and secured at both ends, slip them in a clear plastic bag (like a Ziploc bag) and send it on to YACC. Our address is 18 Argyle Street, suite 201, St. John’s, NL, A1A 1V3.

Once we receive the hair back here at the office, we donate it to Wigs for Kids through Continental Hair in Toronto. Check out their website for more information and guidelines!

Once you’ve donated your hair, make sure to wear your official yellow Shave for the Brave toque proudly! Not only did you make a difference in the life of a young adult living through cancer, you also donated your hair to help make a wig for someone dealing with hair loss issues —  now that is FIERCE!

Visit our registration page to sign up now!


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