Get Involved

Interested in participating in the Shave for the Brave but not sure how? There are many roles you can play within the event.

Head Hunter

IMG_9387HHHead Hunters organize Shave for the Brave events in their schools, offices, community centres, kitchens, etc. They don’t have to Shave, they just need to make sure at least one other person does.

The Head Hunter is responsible for picking a date and finding a location, promoting the event, setting it up on the day of, collecting money and hair to deliver to YACC, and making sure the venue is in tip top shape at the end of the day. Click here to read more!

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IMG_0601Shavers will shave their heads with an electric razor without a guard, or donate at least 10 inches of braided hair (that hasn’t been bleached or permed) that will be used for wigs for children. You can shave with a bunch of friends at a Community, School, or Office Shave, or go solo at home; it’s up to you. A shorn head is a shorn head.

To be a Shaver, you will need to register, collect pledges or pay a registration fee, thank everyone, and get a drastic haircut. That’s all that’s to it.

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DDY_1664-X2MANE-iacs are the Shavers who take it to the next level and cast their grooming aside in the name of a stupendous Shave! These Shavers get one haircut a year — and they make it a big one — going from six inches to zero in an annual five-minute date with a razor.

Their great growth hangs there like a billboard for their good deeds all year. Your mom bugs you to get a haircut? Your boss makes you wear a hairnet? You have to tie it back for business calls? You look like this for charity!

Are you a certified MANE-iac? Tag a selfie on Instagram or Twitter with #ShaveMANEiac, or post one to our Facebook page!



Mane Mama

IMG_8075MMMane Mamas are the Shave supporters who aren’t up to shaving this year for whatever reason but still want to be involved and help everyone else who is.

Your main job is to spread the word about the Shave and to get others to donate or participate. You can even register online and raise money for your Shaver or a team!






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