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Cancer is different when you’re a young adult. The first stage of adult life is usually filled with university, starting a career, buying a house, getting married, starting a family, and celebrating your independence with your peers. Suddenly, you have cancer and issues like fertility, friends, and finances take on a whole new meaning.

Young Adult Cancer Canada’s (YACC) mission is to support young adults as they live with, through, and beyond cancer. To be the connection to peers, bridge out of isolation, and source of inspiration. Every cancer, every stage, YACC’s got your back.

We do this through digital, local, and national programs such as The Big Cancer Hook-up, Localife, Retreat Yourself, and Survivor Conference, to name a few. Your donations allow us to offer these programs to the young adults who truly need them.

For more information on YACC’s finances, please contact us through one of the methods below.


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Young Adult Cancer Canada
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