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Each dollar from Shave for the Brave helps young adults in Canada deal with cancer through supportive and informative programs.


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  • Another incredible Shave season came to a close on June 18, 2014 as Shavers, supporters, and sponsors filled Rocket Room in St. John’s, NL. If you have attended previous Shave for the Brave Award Gala’s you would have noticed something distinctly different this year as we had the privilege of introducing a whole new award Read More

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  • Credit unions raise over $25K! Read More

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  • Paradise Elementary introduced 75 Shavers to the razor! Read More

  • 12-year-old Sarah aims to recruit 100 Shavers for fall event Read More

  • Northeast Eagles beaten to the razor by their bald eagle mascot? Read More


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1. Christian Legge$20286.95
2. Frankie Reichert$10681.80
3. Lucas Coffey$8608.50
4. Vonda Wareham$8191.00
5. Kate Hergott$6327.89
6. Rob Blackie$6185.00
7. Amie Barnes$5850.00
8. Natasha Halleran$5321.00
9. Sandra Burke$5064.00
10. tom hickey$4625.00
11. Shannon Lewis-Simpson$4457.40
12. Elizabeth Sutton$4305.00
13. Carson Tobin$4105.00
14. agnes nugent$4002.21
15. Megan Hodder$4000.00
16. Kevin Thiessen$3720.00
17. Lucas Murphy$3530.00
18. Daniel Baggs$3191.00
19. Lindsay Phillips$3155.00
20. April Shelley$2840.00
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