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Each dollar from Shave for the Brave helps young adults in Canada deal with cancer through supportive and informative programs.


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1. Christian Legge$20286.95
2. Frankie Reichert$10631.80
3. Lucas Coffey$8608.50
4. Vonda Wareham$8191.00
5. Kate Hergott$6327.89
6. Rob Blackie$6185.00
7. Amie Barnes$5850.00
8. Natasha Halleran$5321.00
9. Sandra Burke$5064.00
10. Elizabeth Sutton$5037.40
11. tom hickey$4625.00
12. Shannon Lewis-Simpson$4457.40
13. Carson Tobin$4105.00
14. agnes nugent$4002.21
15. Megan Hodder$4000.00
16. Kevin Thiessen$3720.00
17. Karla Gulliver$3539.00
18. Lucas Murphy$3530.00
19. Daniel Baggs$3191.00
20. Lindsay Phillips$3155.00
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